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Swine Flu

According to the NY Times, 6 students at a private Catholic school on the other side of the block from our apartment might have the Swine Flu.

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@ sign added to Morse Code

Somehow this morning Jeff and I got on the topic of Morse Code and he mentioned that the @ sign was just added for email addresses. I wondered why you couldn’t just signal “at” instead of adding a new symbol, until I realized that my email address would render as Matt@HitOrMiss.org or M@TatHitOrMiss.org (which Jeff suggested would be the blogger at a site about unfortunate tattoos).


‘Latte on Aisle 4′

Walmart is experimenting with a new Starbucks-style coffeeshop that will deliver your drink while you’re shopping.

Because you know, you really can’t take time out from pawing your way through mountains of sweatshop-manufactured clothes and local-business-destroying loss-leading wares to actually sit and enjoy your double mocha.


Supercar: the tanking of an American dream. Looks like if I want to buy a fuel efficient vehicle, it won’t be an domestic car anytime soon.

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College Must Rebuild After Tornado Strikes. It’s tornado season in Missouri, and William Jewell College was particularly hard hit on Sunday. Most of their dorms were damaged and several had their roofs blown right off — resulting in the rest of their classes and exams being cancelled.

I consider myself pretty lucky that I haven’t had any major emergencies during my tenure as a Hall Director (other than water mains bursting). I don’t know how I’d deal with a real emergency, like when my old residence hall at DePauw caught on fire last year.

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My mom emailed me this morning about the 4.9 earthquake, 37 miles southeast of Chattanooga where they live. She said my brother’s girlfriend (who he’s shacking up with), ran and jumped into the bathtub because she thought it was a tornado.

And I’m actually contemplating moving back to the South?

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Flipper goes AWOL

Flipper goes AWOL. I have to agree with PETA: it’s terrible that dolphins are being put in harm’s way spotting mines in a human military crisis they have no comprehension of.

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UPS Unveils New Look

UPS Unveils New Look. As long as they don’t replace those sexy brown uniforms

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Columbia shuttle breaks up over Texas. Truly a tragedy, reminding me of when the Challenger blew up when I was in 5th grade.

But I’m also sad that this will spawn a generation of conspiracy theorists who believe it was a terrorist act.


Gifts Ahoy

Gifts Ahoy. The NEW YORKER covers a test of a Target store in Manhatten.

How can people live without a Target or Walmart? I’ve done nothing BUT shop at Walmart since moving to rural Missouri. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to visit more than one store to buy groceries, clothes, hardware, computer equipment, etc.

But since I’m foolhardy enough to be thinking about trying to find a job in New York City, I’d better try and figure out how it works…

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